Our Team


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Poppy Jameson is a Project Manager with two decades of experience.

Poppy Jameson

Project Manager
Rupinder Kaur is a Project Manager with two decades of experience.

Rupinder Kaur

Project Manager
Brian Wright is the Interior Systems Manager.  He has two decades of experience.

Brian Wright

Interior Systems Manager
Adam Mason is the Low Voltage Systems Manager.  He has decades of experience with alarm systems, AV systems, sound masking, surveillance, and more.

Adam Mason

Low Voltage Systems Manager
Adam is the Director of Electrical Services.  He is a Master Electrician.

Adam Williams

Electrical Manager
Trevor Atkinson is a Project Manager.  He holds a degree in Architecture and a certificate in Project Management.

Trevor Atkinson

Project Manager
Andreas is a project manager.  He is a Journeyman Carpenter as well as a certified project manager.

Andreas Farini

Project Manager
Hazim Gaber is the CEO.  He holds an engineering degree from the University of Alberta, and is also a licensed Journeyman Electrician, and BICSI RCDD, among a dozen other credentials.

Hazim Gaber

Soheipp Gaber is the Chief Operating Officer.  He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Calgary and is also a licensed Journeyman Plumber.

Soheipp Gaber

Dr. Magdy Istafanous is the Director of Engineering.  He holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and has over 35 years of construction management experience - everything from small office renovations to the construction of international airports.

Dr. Magdy Istafanous

Director of Engineering
Ghilda Gaber is the Director of Health & Safety.

Ghilda Gaber

Director of Health & Safety